Areas of Expertise

At People Science we provide support and expertise in HR, organisational development and business psychology.

Our purpose is to help clients build high performing, engaging workplaces as well as supporting them through business change and transformation.


The world of performance management is changing. We know more about what motivates and drives teams and individuals to be their best. Great performance and talent management can and does have a profound impact on culture, strategy and organisational success.

At People Science, we:

  • Design, build and implement bespoke performance management systems and processes
  • Coach and develop teams to achieve and sustain high performance
  • Develop talent management frameworks to attract, retain and enable high performers
  • Provide one to one performance coaching
  • Carry out personality and behavioural profiling and analysis
  • Use assessment & development tools that predict high performance
  • Facilitate performance management workshops
  • Support HR teams to become high performing and high impact


Whether your organisation is gearing up, starting up, slowing down or turning around, your people will have an impact and there will be an impact on your people. The way the change is led is pivotal to success.

At People Science, we:

  • Work with leadership teams to develop business and change strategies
  • Work with clients to develop the right organisational culture
  • Advise on organisation design, restructuring and help with its implementation
  • Support mergers and acquisitions through cultural/HR integration programme management
  • Provide change leadership advice and guidance using proven change models and methods
  • Develop organisational, leadership, team and employee resilience in times of change


Being known for being a brilliant place to work means you have the ability to attract, retain and engage the best talent for your business.

At People Science, we:

  • Facilitate the development of organisational purpose, values and behaviours
  • Develop employee engagement strategies and plans
  • Advise on employee value proposition and brand
  • Carry out organisational or team diagnostics to understand strengths, limitations and risks
  • Use values, motivations and personality profiling to understand the cultural fit of prospective and existing people
  • Support organisations develop a winning employee experience
  • Advise on the development of diversity and inclusion strategies and plans

As well as providing consultancy services, at People Science we want to help organisations build knowledge and understanding about themselves that enables quality decision making.


We carry out research projects. If our client has a problem or wants more data to support decisions, we carry out both quantitative and qualitative research and develop recommendations and solutions.


We like to be data driven and so we develop ‘before and after’ analytics so we can understand patterns, trends and most importantly, the impact of decisions and actions.


Skilled facilitation can help leadership teams deepen their understanding of their business and its people and we offer facilitation of strategy and change workshops.